Meeting Bleating

meeting“I can’t see you till next week because my diary is full of back to back meetings this week.”

“We have a real ‘meeting culture’ around here”

“I can’t get any work done because I’m always in meetings”

You’ve heard it all before.

Why are we bleating about meetings, but not doing a whole lot to change it?

Really. It’s out of control. The bleating that is. (As well as your diary.)

It is my belief that in the world in which we live, we create our experience together. Very little is mandated or given to us by some great power. We are all complicit in creating our experience together. Which means we are all part of the problem. And also, part of the solution.

Paul Polman of Unilever stopped the company from reporting financial performance quarterly for all sorts of reasons. Who would have thought that he could do that? Everyone reports quarterly don’t they? This was seriously risky wasn’t it? Well he did it, and others are following.

This is a great example of challenging the status quo. Asking “why?” And being brave.

Of course, he had the advantage of being the boss, so he had positional power, but change can come from anywhere and leadership does not start at the top.

Leadership starts everywhere, and with anyone with the courage to take that little step forward.

A couple of questions to ask yourself when it comes to your meeting;

What is the PURPOSE of this meeting?

What are the OUTCOMES we are aiming for from this meeting?

These are really hard questions, so spend time pondering the answers. And when you do, you might surprise yourself at what you discover.

If your diary is full of meetings, ask yourself “why?” And be brave.