Summer Reflections – maybe you’ve had enough?

heronSo, you’re back from your summer holiday all refreshed and ready to hit the “to do” list.

Getting out of bed was a bit challenging, but you made it.

The commute was bearable, just.

You’re trying to be present with your boss, your team, your customer, your client, but your mind keeps wandering back to sandy toes and cold beers, the local delicacies, magnificent vistas, ocean waves.


Yet while you were there, while you were trying to be present with your loved ones, your vino collapso, the novel of the summer, all you could think of was what awaits you when you get back. Or maybe what happened just before you left. Or what horrors might be going on right now.

You reflected on that other life, that other career you had once imagined. Holidays are handy for that.

Perhaps you realised you’ve had enough.


You decided you need to do something.

But what?

And how?

Maybe this will help.

John and I would love to see you there.