What Our Clients Say

“Helen has a rare mix of both a relaxed / engaging style, but with a laser focus on uncovering the issue and the opportunity. Probing / challenging questions and coaching to get to the core of the issue, guiding and challenging as the solution is formulated. Then ensuring full commitment to the agreed course of action and the desire for self-reviewing of that success …
In other words … she gets results!”
Keith Bird, Chief Operating Officer – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

“The moment I ran into Helen, I felt her presence. The space she gave me to explore myself in the context of the questions at hand was just an amazing experience. She helped me connecting with different aspects of myself and knew when and how to ask the best questions and even when to use the silence as the best tool for creating that space. Each time I have a session dialogue with Helen, I experience my productivity, engagement and energy levels just boost. The genuine care that Helen provides makes it so easy to connect with her and be in the now and here all the time which helped me bringing the best I could at each and every moment. Helen has this rare quality of facing me with the hardest questions I escaped from and yet keep the energy and space for me to work with these questions, discover their edges and explore the new land of opportunities. Thanks.”
Hatem Sallam, CEO ITWORX Education

“This year, we worked with Helen to devise a training programme for our senior team, to help them brush up on, and improve their confidence in, selling our services to both new and existing clients. From the first conversation I had with Helen I felt that she instinctively knew what we were about as a company – and therefore how to pitch the training appropriately for maximum effect. We didn’t want a hard-nosed, pushy approach – Helen understood this and produced two sessions which were really thoughtfully put together and very well received by my colleagues. Thank you again Helen!”
Laura Chambers, Director, Just:: Health Communications

“As a leader, team coaching has had a profound difference on my behaviour and attitude with my team. It has opened my mind to listening more, empowering more and being able to be honest. The team has changed from a group of individuals to a collective with a shared purpose and a set of values. The level of performance has been marked too – both in delivery outcomes and in work satisfaction.
Helen and Shirley have been inspirational. They have earned respect of the team, challenged us and provided tools that we will adopt in the long term. Shirley has supported me through the ups and downs of the journey as the leader. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to other leaders to go on their journey.
Head of Innovation – large UK charity

“I met Helen at a time when I felt confused and stuck. I had just recently changed careers and set up a new organisation. I just didn’t know how to take it all forward. After only six months of coaching with her, I feel I am now at a very different place.
With Helen’s excellent listening, focus and the ability to cut it all to the chase, I could very quickly start seeing the big picture and have a route map for how to get there.
Helen is an enabler and always open to explore and discover, walk the unbeaten track with you. My organisation and I personally gained huge credibility in a very short time and I now know where I am going with full confidence for success.  Without Helen’s dedication for enabling me to see my own potential and guiding me through the journey or how to put that in use, this would not be possible. I am grateful to her for ‘Orient8ing’ me.”
Yeshim Harris, Director, ENGI and member of UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict

“I have known and worked with Helen as an Executive Coach for the last 2 years. During that time I have found Helen to be a sensitive and challenging coach.  She instils confidence in her coachees and quickly develops a trusting relationship so that coach and coachee can work together honestly.  Helen uses a range of coaching skills to challenge and help coachees find their own way to resolve a range of coaching problems.”
Maurya Cushlow – Chief Officer (designate), North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS

“I’ve always been interested in being coached professionally, especially growing up with a father who is a coach, but never found myself drawn to anyone in particular…until I met Helen at a 4-day intensive program hosted by the Presencing Institute on organizational and personal change. In a one-on-one session she listened deeply and identified that I needed support after what has been a very challenging year for me personally and as I move forward. I’ve had two sessions with her so far and every time it aligns me and I return to a stronger sense of Self. She uses different techniques, including Theory U and 3D modelling which I’m familiar with. The power of her approach lies in her not only being a mirror and observer but also a deeply integrated participant in the coaching process with her occasionally tapping into her own wisdom as a fellow human being facing similar human challenges – it’s a truly empathic way of engaging and one that has proven to be tremendously enriching for me! Thank you dearest Helen.”
Christiana Soderberg – Culture Consultant

“The impact of our team coaching has been that it has opened a dialogue where we can have the challenging conversations it is otherwise easy to avoid. The direction and provocations encouraging us to say where we are and what we need to do has been really useful.

Helen and Shirley are excellent active listeners. Their use of signalling in terms of language and behaviour sets up these sessions for success. The level of feedback around energy in the room has been really valuable.”
Team member – Innovation team

“Team coaching has enabled the team to explore a number of areas that wouldn’t have arisen or been addressed as honestly or effectively without the safe space and neutral facilitation provided by the coaching exercises. We have learned more about each other and the best way of working together. We’ve opened several honest and challenging conversations about how we can best achieve our core purpose and goals, which will be taken forward beyond the coaching.
Helen and Shirley have been both supportive and challenging in the team coaching sessions. Their approach has been flexible, allowing and accommodating last minute changes that have arisen in light of the progress of the day. Most of the exercises have been enlightening and relevant. Helen and Shirley’s observation of team dynamics and progress have been honest and challenging which has helped the team make further progress.”
Team member – Innovation team

“Team coaching has given a unified vision and core purpose, bringing together separated project teams. But it has also allowed the space and safety to have challenging, brave and open conversations that have allowed us to grow and develop as a team. Team coaching has changed the way I work with, interact and think about my colleagues.
Helen and Shirley have flexed and adapted to the needs of the team during sessions – sometimes changing the entire agenda to help facilitate continued discussions. They have been unbiased and allowing every team member to find their voice and be heard.
Team member – Innovation team

“Helen was recommended to me during a time when i was confused and dissatisfied with life, and while at first i was hesitant to contact her, it’s a decision i know I won’t ever regret. Through a careful coalescence of listening, genuine interest in you, and focus on simple techniques, Helen helped me to break down the actions which have propelled me forward, into small (baby) steps. After each engaging session you are left thinking, and energised, and after six months I am leaving with an almost totally different outlook and approach to new situations. She helped me through some significant changes, which I would otherwise have avoided or not been aware of. Helen’s adeptness and love for what she does makes for an incredibly rewarding experience.”
Musician and song writer

“I value the time that I have with Helen as being one of the best investments of my time, my money and development. The workplace is an ever increasingly more competitive place and ensuring that you have a view of life, your work and the values that you hold dear can be a very clear advantage. I found that by ensuring that not only my behaviour and attitude were aligned that I was able to focus on areas of myself that others particularly enjoyed. By playing to my key strengths I am able to add more value to my team, the business and, most importantly, to my sense to value in that environment. I would highly recommend Helen, especially when in a new role to establish what the outlook and approach should be.”
Hamish Clarke, Shopper Marketing Manager, United Biscuits 

“I approached Helen to support me in returning to work after a career break to raise my family. My confidence was quite low, but through skilful listening, Helen has helped me to see the world of possibilities that lay ahead. Coaching with Helen seems to me a little like going up a flight of stairs … sometimes you take a step yourself, on other occasions Helen gives you a gentle nudge to keep you moving, but her passion for results means that you never take a step back down. Her energy as a coach is boundless and infectious and always leaves you feeling positive.
Career changer, former teacher and senior manager in education

“This is the first time that I have been coached.  I found working with Helen to be a really pleasant and fun experience, especially when working through some real work issues.  Helen’s enthusiasm, practical advice, and experience helped me to enhance my performance in the workplace”.
Gloria Mella, EuropeAid Account Manager, Save the Children

‘In my regular coaching sessions with Helen I have been able to work through some mental hurdles which had been holding me up at work.  I had been too busy using the excuse of focusing on the urgent or important and not addressing some areas for development in the process.  The result was I had not moved my role and my career on as much as I should have.  The sessions with Helen have given me real focus and been great. She challenges you to analyse problems in different ways. Having worked at board level enables her to put a Senior Management perspective on what you want to achieve and how this will fit into the overall business goals and not just your own goals.  Through working through my main areas to develop step by step I have come on leaps and bounds in my job even receiving an SCJ International Markets Best Practice Award.  I am already getting signals from my Manager to shape the role further.  Thank you Helen I will always remember to break a big problem down into smaller chunks.”
Andrew Cook, Trade Strategy Manager – Home Cleaning & Shoe Care, SC Johnson Limited

“Helen is a dedicated coach who went the extra mile to support me and to help me to grow, both personally and within my role. We had some fun and engaging sessions which acted as real enablers for me to prioritise my actions, to gain in impact and to improve my performance.”
Group International Category Controller, FMCG PLC

“Coaching with Helen has really given me a fresh perspective into building on my strengths and recognizing my weaknesses. She has helped me move past limitations and preconceptions. The coaching sessions with Helen were full of positive energy and self-discovery. She is a gifted and highly skilled coach. I’m massively appreciative of her help in making me believe in myself and moving my career forward as a result. Thank you for all the support, feedback, and encouragement.”
Kasia Paduchowska, Retail Analyst, Seymour