What Our Clients Say


"I was fortunate to partake in Helen's session entitled "Opening the crack - sensing the future". We used arts & crafts materials (who doesn't fondly remember a pipe cleaner from childhood?!), which significantly aided the process of thinking about our current and future lives. It was a different, unique, and fun session that totally altered my way of thinking. Using the knowledge from Helen's session I have made radical changes to both my personal and professional life. It has helped me to communicate more clearly and more honestly, as well as spot the exact areas where I want to improve. Thank you for helping unearth these points in my development - it was a great experience! With very best wishes, Ben"

Ben Holden Partnerships Director, SNAP

"In the past 10 years of working with Helen, I have found her to be a very passionate and creative leader, an excellent coach and she has a great track record of delivery in her different roles in business. She is a real change-maker and is very skilled at supporting and challenging the people she works with to exceed their own goals and achieve breakthroughs."

Kate Fletcher Board Chair and Advisor, CEO Coach and mentor

"Helen and I started working together at a time when I was taking on more responsibility and more was expected of me from a leadership perspective. This coincided with me reducing my work week to 4 days plus entering a mid-life transition that was at times frustrating and distracting for me. Helen is a highly effective coach. We worked together for a year and in that time I experienced Helen as sensitive, supportive, challenging and highly effective. I knew that Helen was invested in my success and I trusted her completely.

Helen adapted her style and used a variety of different interventions to promote a different way for me to look at myself and consider the options available to me. I am now in a very different place and attribute that to the work that Helen did with me."

Angie Brayshaw Head of People and OD

“I met Helen at a time when I felt confused and stuck. I had just recently changed careers and set up a new organisation. I just didn’t know how to take it all forward. After only six months of coaching with her, I feel I am now at a very different place.

With Helen’s excellent listening, focus and the ability to cut it all to the chase, I could very quickly start seeing the big picture and have a route map for how to get there.
Helen is an enabler and always open to explore and discover, walk the unbeaten track with you.

My organisation and I personally gained huge credibility in a very short time and I now know where I am going with full confidence for success.  Without Helen’s dedication for enabling me to see my own potential and guiding me through the journey or how to put that in use, this would not be possible. I am grateful to her for ‘Orient8ing’ me.”

Yeshim Harris Director, ENGI and member of UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict

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