What Our Clients Say


“Helen is a dedicated coach who went the extra mile to support me and to help me to grow, both personally and within my role.

We had some fun and engaging sessions which acted as real enablers for me to prioritise my actions, to gain in impact and to improve my performance.”

Group International Category Controller FMCG PLC

“I approached Helen to support me in returning to work after a career break to raise my family. My confidence was quite low, but through skillful listening, Helen has helped me to see the world of possibilities that lay ahead.

Coaching with Helen seems to me a little like going up a flight of stairs ... sometimes you take a step yourself, on other occasions Helen gives you a gentle nudge to keep you moving, but her passion for results means that you never take a step back down. Her energy as a coach is boundless and infectious and always leaves you feeling positive."

Career changer

“Coaching with Helen has really given me a fresh perspective into building on my strengths and recognizing my weaknesses.

She has helped me move past limitations and preconceptions. The coaching sessions with Helen were full of positive energy and self-discovery. She is a gifted and highly skilled coach. I’m massively appreciative of her help in making me believe in myself and moving my career forward as a result.

Thank you for all the support, feedback, and encouragement.”

Kasia Paduchowska Retail Analyst, Seymour

“I value the time that I have with Helen as being one of the best investments of my time, my money and development. The workplace is an ever increasingly more competitive place and ensuring that you have a view of life, your work and the values that you hold dear can be a very clear advantage.

I found that by ensuring that not only my behaviour and attitude were aligned that I was able to focus on areas of myself that others particularly enjoyed. By playing to my key strengths I am able to add more value to my team, the business and, most importantly, to my sense to value in that environment.

I would highly recommend Helen, especially when in a new role to establish what the outlook and approach should be.”

Hamish Clarke Shopper Marketing Manager, United Biscuits