What Our Clients Say


"Helen was recommended to me during a time when I was confused and dissatisfied with life, and while at first I was hesitant to contact her, it’s a decision I know I won’t ever regret. Through a careful coalescence of listening, genuine interest in you, and focus on simple techniques, Helen helped me to break down the actions which have propelled me forward, into small (baby) steps.

After each engaging session you are left thinking, and energised, and after six months I am living with an almost totally different outlook and approach to new situations. She helped me through some significant changes, which I would otherwise have avoided or not been aware of. Helen’s adeptness and love for what she does makes for an incredibly rewarding experience."

Musician and song writer

“Team coaching has given a unified vision and core purpose, bringing together separated project teams. But it has also allowed the space and safety to have challenging, brave and open conversations that have allowed us to grow and develop as a team. Team coaching has changed the way I work with, interact and think about my colleagues.

Helen and Shirley have flexed and adapted to the needs of the team during sessions - sometimes changing the entire agenda to help facilitate continued discussions. They have been unbiased and allowing every team member to find their voice and be heard."

Team member Innovation team

I started working with Helen when I felt completely stuck and frustrated in my current role. I couldn’t see a clear direction forward and had started to lose confidence in my abilities.

After one session with Helen I had managed to work out what my priorities were and what was most important to me in moving forward with my career, something which I wouldn’t have thought possible at the beginning of the session.  Helen has a really warm, engaging and supportive style and her practical exercises and advice suited me really well. Some exercises which she suggested I do at work around the way to gather feedback from colleagues were a massive boost to my confidence and really helped me work out what is most important to me. She also gave me the pep talk I needed to apply for and secure a new role which I am really looking forward to!

Liz Winder Finance Director

“Team coaching has enabled the team to explore a number of areas that wouldn't have arisen or been addressed as honestly or effectively without the safe space and neutral facilitation provided by the coaching exercises. We have learned more about each other and the best way of working together. We've opened several honest and challenging conversations about how we can best achieve our core purpose and goals, which will be taken forward beyond the coaching.

Helen and Shirley have been both supportive and challenging in the team coaching sessions. Their approach has been flexible, allowing and accommodating last minute changes that have arisen in light of the progress of the day. Most of the exercises have been enlightening and relevant. Helen and Shirley's observation of team dynamics and progress have been honest and challenging which has helped the team make further progress.”

Team member Innovation team