What Our Clients Say


“The impact of our team coaching has been that it has opened a dialogue where we can have the challenging conversations it is otherwise easy to avoid. The direction and provocations encouraging us to say where we are and what we need to do has been really useful.

Helen and Shirley are excellent active listeners. Their use of signalling in terms of language and behaviour sets up these sessions for success. The level of feedback around energy in the room has been really valuable.”

Team member Innovation team

“I’ve always been interested in being coached professionally, especially growing up with a father who is a coach, but never found myself drawn to anyone in particular…until I met Helen at a 4-day intensive program hosted by the Presencing Institute on organizational and personal change. In a one-on-one session she listened deeply and identified that I needed support after what has been a very challenging year for me personally and as I move forward. I’ve had two sessions with her so far and every time it aligns me and I return to a stronger sense of Self. She uses different techniques, including Theory U and 3D modelling which I’m familiar with.

The power of her approach lies in her not only being a mirror and observer but also a deeply integrated participant in the coaching process with her occasionally tapping into her own wisdom as a fellow human being facing similar human challenges - it’s a truly empathic way of engaging and one that has proven to be tremendously enriching for me! Thank you dearest Helen."

Christiana Soderberg Culture Consultant

"I have known and worked with Helen as an Executive Coach for the last 2 years. During that time I have found Helen to be a sensitive and challenging coach.

She instills confidence in her coachees and quickly develops a trusting relationship so that coach and coachee can work together honestly.  Helen uses a range of coaching skills to challenge and help coachees find their own way to resolve a range of coaching problems."

Maurya Cushlow Chief Officer (designate), North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS

“As a leader, team coaching has had a profound difference on my behaviour and attitude with my team. It has opened my mind to listening more, empowering more and being able to be honest. The team has changed from a group of individuals to a collective with a shared purpose and a set of values. The level of performance has been marked too - both in delivery outcomes and in work satisfaction.

Helen and Shirley have been inspirational. They have earned respect of the team, challenged us and provided tools that we will adopt in the long term. Shirley has supported me through the ups and downs of the journey as the leader. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to other leaders to go on their journey."

Head of Innovation Large UK charity