What Our Clients Say


“This year, we worked with Helen to devise a training programme for our senior team, to help them brush up on, and improve their confidence in, selling our services to both new and existing clients. From the first conversation I had with Helen I felt that she instinctively knew what we were about as a company – and therefore how to pitch the training appropriately for maximum effect.

We didn’t want a hard-nosed, pushy approach – Helen understood this and produced two sessions which were really thoughtfully put together and very well received by my colleagues.

Thank you again Helen!”

Laura Chambers Director, Just:: Health Communications

“The moment I ran into Helen, I felt her presence. The space she gave me to explore myself in the context of the questions at hand was just an amazing experience. She helped me connecting with different aspects of myself and knew when and how to ask the best questions and even when to use the silence as the best tool for creating that space.

Each time I have a session dialogue with Helen, I experience my productivity, engagement and energy levels just boost. The genuine care that Helen provides makes it so easy to connect with her and be in the now and here all the time which helped me bringing the best I could at each and every moment. Helen has this rare quality of facing me with the hardest questions I escaped from and yet keep the energy and space for me to work with these questions, discover their edges and explore the new land of opportunities. Thanks.”

Hatem Sallam CEO ITWORX Education

“Helen has a rare mix of both a relaxed / engaging style, but with a laser focus on uncovering the issue and the opportunity. Probing / challenging questions and coaching to get to the core of the issue, guiding and challenging as the solution is formulated. Then ensuring full commitment to the agreed course of action and the desire for self-reviewing of that success …

In other words … she gets results!”

Keith Bird Chief Operating Officer – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Big thanks for all your help over the last few sessions. It’s been fundamental in bringing the team together and has (hopefully) set a solid foundation for the future. Fully conscious the road won’t be easy but feel everyone is now more open, aware of themselves and with any luck more conscious of others.

Board Director, newly merged tech firm