Leading in a VUCA world

Poor leadership is everywhere

Highly effective leadership is statistically correlated with increased profitability, turnover, employee commitment and customer satisfaction.
However, leaders in business, politics, education, religion, charities, and on TV often disappoint. Recent years have seen leadership failure everywhere.
Away from the headlines, leaders are facing unprecedented challenges. The VUCA* world is confusing, and leaders just don’t see the curved balls coming. As a result, leaders are often lonely, down in the weeds, deploying command and control approaches which just don’t work any more, and risking imminent burnout.

“In our research, we found conclusive evidence that leaders with poor leadership skills generate poor results. That finding will not come as a shock to anyone. And our research is equally clear about the fact that good leaders tend to produce good results for their organisations.”
Zenger Folkman 2019

*VUCA – the term often used in organisations today was coined by U.S. Military in the 1990’s to describe the post Cold War world. It stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

The Orient8 Leadership approach

Your Leadership journey will begin with a powerful Leadership 360 diagnostic – a data driven approach to understand your strengths and challenges compared with a global leadership database of more than 100,000 peers.

You will be guided through three phases;

  • Discovery – What kind of leader am I?
  • Dreaming – What kind of leader do I want to be?
  • Becoming – New practices, skills and behaviours to transform my leadership

The outcome

Having been encouraged to deeply reflect and learn, you have powerful new data and insights about your leadership style and strengths. You have the knowledge you need to inspire and lead your people and increased confidence in the face of VUCA. To your relief you are out of the weeds and have created more time to lead in the way you dreamed.

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