Powerful Teams

Most teams are dysfunctional, it’s just a question of by how much

Your experience of working in teams, if typical, is one featuring some of the following traits; unclear purpose, dysfunctional behaviours, low trust, too much or too little conflict, dreadful meetings, sub-optimal decision making, low accountability, and poor onward communication.

Steve Jobs used the metaphor of beautiful polished rocks for a team that is working hard together on something they are passionate about. As the team bump up against each other, working together he said, they polish each other and polish their ideas. “What comes out are these really beautiful stones.”

“Teamwork is extremely hard to achieve. It requires levels of courage, discipline – and emotional energy – that even the most driven executives don’t always possess. As difficult as teamwork is to measure and achieve, its power cannot be denied.”
Patrick Lencioni, “Overcoming the five Dysfunctions of a Team”

The Orient8 Team approach

Your Powerful Team journey will begin with a potent “Collective Leadership” 360 diagnostic to understand your strengths and challenges as a team compared to a global database of teams

You will be guided through three phases;

  • Discovery – What kind of team are we?
  • Dreaming – What kind of team do we want to be?
  • Becoming – New practices, skills and behaviours to transform our teamwork

The outcome

You are enjoying working in this team more. You have renewed purpose, a deeper connection with your peers, and powerful new approaches to work together and make smarter decisions.
You have gained new insights, deeply reflected, experimented with powerful and novel methods and had transformational conversations.
You are finding that the team has more influence, an enhanced reputation and is pulling together to achieve results which make you proud.

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