Strategy Development

Most strategy is not well implemented

The research is uncomfortable. When organisations launch transformations, around 70% fail to deliver. Yet Executives spend significant time, often supported by strategy experts, creating new strategies. They try to anticipate and predict what will happen in the next one, three, five years. They invest time, energy and budget on big launches to the people they need to execute their plan.

These same Executives know from experience that this usually doesn’t work.

“The academic research is really clear that when corporations launch transformations, roughly 70 percent fail.”
“Common pitfalls include a lack of employee engagement, inadequate management support, poor or non-existent cross-functional collaboration, and a lack of accountability. Furthermore, sustaining a transformation’s impact typically requires a major reset in mind-sets and behaviours – something that few leaders know how to achieve”

The Orient8 Strategy approach

Your existing resources, the imagination, creativity and passion of your people, are engaged in new ways.
You reflect deeply, inquire differently, and experiment freely as you create your future.

Using powerful and novel methods you are guided through three phases;

  • Dream an inspiring future
  • See with fresh eyes
  • Create the conditions for success

The outcome

Having been supported to think and behave differently you have unleashed the creative power of your people and made smarter decisions about where and how to play. You have created new solutions, and you know how to lead implementation. You have inspired everyone and set yourself up for success others admire.

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