What People Say

A selection of testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from clients we have worked with. We would love to be able to add yours here too!

Mathew Davies
HR Director, Addison Lee, FCIPD
Rewarding, insightful and resonant

Working with Helen has been rewarding, insightful and resonant. She is a coach that has insight and compassion in equal measure. She is emotionally intelligent, adaptable to changing needs and circumstances and unafraid to challenge or probe at the appropriate time. At the heart of her work is a belief in both process and outcome; her dedication and humanity in driving both is admirable and infectious.

Team Member
The space and safety to have challenging, brave and open conversations

“Team coaching has given a unified vision and core purpose, bringing together separated project teams. But it has also allowed the space and safety to have challenging, brave and open conversations that have allowed us to grow and develop as a team. Team coaching has changed the way I work with, interact and think about my colleagues.

Senior Executive
Great listener

“She listens carefully, is empathetic and engenders trust easily.”

Senior Executive
Powerful questions

“Helen has a natural ability to support and develop others. Her innate curiosity informs powerful questions, and she’s not afraid to challenge and hold us to account.” 

Marketing Team Member
Safe space

“Team coaching has enabled the team to explore a number of areas that wouldn't have arisen or been addressed as honestly or effectively without the safe space and neutral facilitation provided by the coaching exercises. We have learned more about each other and the best way of working together. We've opened several honest and challenging conversations about how we can best achieve our core purpose and goals, which will be taken forward beyond the coaching."

Small Business Owner
Strategic thinking was strong and different

Helen's input into our strategic thinking was strong and different from what we would have generated otherwise.

Keith Bird
Chief Operating Officer – Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Laser focus on uncovering the issue and the opportunity

“Helen has a rare mix of both a relaxed / engaging style, but with a laser focus on uncovering the issue and the opportunity. Probing / challenging questions and coaching to get to the core of the issue, guiding and challenging as the solution is formulated. Then ensuring full commitment to the agreed course of action and the desire for self-reviewing of that success …

In other words … she gets results!”

Head of Innovation
Large UK charity
Team coaching has had a profound difference on my behaviour

“As a leader, team coaching has had a profound difference on my behaviour and attitude with my team. It has opened my mind to listening more, empowering more and being able to be honest. The team has changed from a group of individuals to a collective with a shared purpose and a set of values. The level of performance has been marked too - both in delivery outcomes and in work satisfaction."

Board Director
Newly merged tech firm
It’s been fundamental in bringing the team together…

Big thanks for all your help over the last few sessions. It’s been fundamental in bringing the team together and has (hopefully) set a solid foundation for the future. Fully conscious the road won’t be easy but feel everyone is now more open, aware of themselves and with any luck more conscious of others.

Senior Executive
Helen has a wealth of knowledge

“Helen has a wealth of knowledge. That, together with her open style of delivery, persuasiveness and the ability to coach others are, I believe, her greatest assets.”

Maurya Cushlow
Chief Officer (designate), North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS
A sensitive and challenging coach

"I have known and worked with Helen as an Executive Coach for the last 2 years. During that time I have found Helen to be a sensitive and challenging coach.

She instills confidence in her coachees and quickly develops a trusting relationship so that coach and coachee can work together honestly.  Helen uses a range of coaching skills to challenge and help coachees find their own way to resolve a range of coaching problems."

Career changer
I approached Helen to support me in returning to work

“I approached Helen to support me in returning to work after a career break to raise my family. My confidence was quite low, but through skillful listening, Helen has helped me to see the world of possibilities that lay ahead.

Coaching with Helen seems to me a little like going up a flight of stairs ... sometimes you take a step yourself, on other occasions Helen gives you a gentle nudge to keep you moving, but her passion for results means that you never take a step back down. Her energy as a coach is boundless and infectious and always leaves you feeling positive."

Really helped me steer a course through the business’s transformation.

Helen worked hard at the outset to develop a trusting partnership that both challenged and supported me. Helen’s engaging and curious mind helped me ask and importantly answer (with the appropriate challenge!) the tasks ahead. We could openly discuss topics at 30,000 or 3,000 ft which really helped me steer a course through the business’s transformation. Highly recommend.

Hatem Sallam
CEO ITWORX Education
An amazing experience

“The moment I ran into Helen, I felt her presence. The space she gave me to explore myself in the context of the questions at hand was just an amazing experience. She helped me connecting with different aspects of myself and knew when and how to ask the best questions and even when to use the silence as the best tool for creating that space.

Each time I have a session dialogue with Helen, I experience my productivity, engagement and energy levels just boost. The genuine care that Helen provides makes it so easy to connect with her and be in the now and here all the time which helped me bringing the best I could at each and every moment. Helen has this rare quality of facing me with the hardest questions I escaped from and yet keep the energy and space for me to work with these questions, discover their edges and explore the new land of opportunities. Thanks.”

Yeshim Harris
Director, ENGI and member of UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict
My organisation and I personally gained huge credibility

“I met Helen at a time when I felt confused and stuck. I had just recently changed careers and set up a new organisation. I just didn’t know how to take it all forward. After only six months of coaching with her, I feel I am now at a very different place.

With Helen’s excellent listening, focus and the ability to cut it all to the chase, I could very quickly start seeing the big picture and have a route map for how to get there.
Helen is an enabler and always open to explore and discover, walk the unbeaten track with you.

My organisation and I personally gained huge credibility in a very short time and I now know where I am going with full confidence for success.  Without Helen’s dedication for enabling me to see my own potential and guiding me through the journey or how to put that in use, this would not be possible. I am grateful to her for ‘Orient8ing’ me.”

Liz Winder
Finance Director
Helen has a really warm, engaging and supportive style

I started working with Helen when I felt completely stuck and frustrated in my current role. I couldn’t see a clear direction forward and had started to lose confidence in my abilities.

After one session with Helen I had managed to work out what my priorities were and what was most important to me in moving forward with my career, something which I wouldn’t have thought possible at the beginning of the session.  Helen has a really warm, engaging and supportive style and her practical exercises and advice suited me really well. Some exercises which she suggested I do at work around the way to gather feedback from colleagues were a massive boost to my confidence and really helped me work out what is most important to me. She also gave me the pep talk I needed to apply for and secure a new role which I am really looking forward to!

Kate Fletcher
Board Chair and Advisor, CEO Coach and mentor
An excellent coach

"In the past 10 years of working with Helen, I have found her to be a very passionate and creative leader, an excellent coach and she has a great track record of delivery in her different roles in business. She is a real change-maker and is very skilled at supporting and challenging the people she works with to exceed their own goals and achieve breakthroughs."

Senior Executive
Compassion, curiosity, open-mindedness and commercial/business experience

“Her greatest asset – the combination of compassion, curiosity, open-mindedness and commercial/business experience against the backdrop of all the theory/tools and models anyone could ever need,”

Senior Executive
Exceptional coach

“Exceptional coach and genuine collegiate approach.”

Innovation team member
We can have the challenging conversations

“The impact of our team coaching has been that it has opened a dialogue where we can have the challenging conversations it is otherwise easy to avoid. The direction and provocations encouraging us to say where we are and what we need to do has been really useful."

Country Director
Global organisation
Helps me explore issues from angles I would never have considered

Helen has seen me through a huge career transition, and at each step has helped me feel more professionally confident while at the same time coaching me to continuously improve as a leader and team manager. I leave each session feeling inspired and re-energized.

She balances the use of a variety of coaching techniques with a warm and approachable style that encourages me to be open and honest. She helps me explore issues from angles that I would never have considered- and in a way that is somehow both challenging and reassuring.

Helen’s effective coaching has been a major influence in a successful transition to a higher-level leadership role within my organization!

Alice Brown
Vice President research, Gammadelta Therapeutics
I cannot recommend The Leadership Circle (and Helen) enough

“I cannot thank Helen enough for the investment she made in me by encouraging me to undertake The Leadership Circle. The knowledge and awareness it brought me on my abilities as a leader has been powerful, challenging and empowering. It gave me a framework to help me think differently, to experiment, to fail, to enjoy and to learn in the knowledge that more often than not, we are our own roadblock to becoming effective leaders. I cannot recommend The Leadership Circle (and Helen) enough to any Leader or Team looking to grow or make change at work or in life, thank you for the experience!”

Senior Executive
Amazingly insightful

“Her style is collaborative, passionate and amazingly insightful.”

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